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Case Study: FinTech Billzy partners with Itoc and 4impact to deliver their "Cloud Native" AWS based solution

Case Study: FinTech Billzy partners with Itoc and 4impact to deliver their “Cloud Native” AWS based solution

Billzy understands the financial pressures facing the building and construction industry. Being from the sector themselves the Billzy team have developed a closed community powered by the Billzy Engine, a digital “one stop shop” providing its members with access to all the financial tools they need to pay and get paid faster, access finance, improve cash flow and succeed in one place.

For many contractors, there’s often a gap between supplier invoices falling due and customer invoices being paid, for which Billzy’s easy transaction system makes it simple to manage cash flow without the traditional bank finance hassles.

As a great example of a modern FinTech startup, Billzy found an industry that’s ripe for disruption, by moving fast and leveraging the latest in cloud technology.

With several challenges to overcome including developing an application, achieving PCI-DSS compliance and then launching and operating an agile and secure cloud platform, they carefully chose experienced partners in 4impact and Itoc to turn their business idea into a reality.

Itoc was a natural choice due to their expertise and track record building AWS cloud platforms in the financial services and payment processing domain.

Together with 4impact, experts in development of financial services applications, the Billzy solution was designed, implemented and fully managed.

Having been ‘cloud native’ from the start and with experience in implementing PCI-DSS compliant platforms Itoc were well placed to provide the cloud enablement, DevOps and managed services required to deliver a scalable, responsive and highly available solution. Itoc's IntelligentOps Managed Service takes care of the ‘heavy lifting’ of managing and monitoring platforms, testing, configuration management and automated deployment so that Billzy could focus on their core business rather than on technology.

AWS is well known in the financial services industry as a great fit for PCI-DSS compliant and regulated workloads, treating security as a critical priority and providing services to mitigate and control risk at all levels of the technology stack.

By treating infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation, Itoc were able to provide a fully automated deployment of AWS services including security features such as VPC's, public and private networking, EC2 Security Groups, NACLs and encryption utilising AWS Key Management Service and AWS Certificate Manager. Trend Micro Deep Security was also included to provide anti-virus, malware and zero-day exploit protection. Native AWS services provided the ability to track, alert and enforce configuration in the environment such as mandatory tagging of resources and monitoring of API usage. Multiple AWS accounts were also deployed to facilitate logical separation of concerns with cross account roles providing least privileged access to resources.

It's no wonder that cloud natives such as Billzy are disrupting the status quo. By leveraging the capabilities of 4impact and Itoc, they have been able to focus on their core business and successfully launch a new product in record time. This ongoing partnership ensures that Billzy is always one step ahead.

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