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Case Study: Getting into shape, MyFiziq the app that tracks how your body looks

 Case Study: Getting into shape, MyFiziq the app that tracks how your body looks

MyFiziq leverages Itoc to accelerate cloud native application development and next gen cloud managed services.

MyFiziq equips you with the tools to track your personal progress towards your goals over time, whether that’s fat loss, muscle gain, or maintaining your current physique. The state of the art mobile tracking system allows you to see the smallest changes in your circumference measurements in the palm of your hand.

Currently scales and BMI are the main tools used to monitor outcomes linked to exercise and diet. However the number on your scales fluctuates and is only a measure of mass change. This could be muscle or fat and does not always give you the knowledge you are looking for when training or dieting and BMI doesn’t distinguish body fat from lean tissue, a.k.a. muscle. When assessing your physique, the only real way to track progress is by looking at…well, your physique and the change in your shape.

Many apps and systems exist for tracking calories, exercise, and measurements, but for all our progress it seems we can learn just as much from a mirror as we can from any other source. The only problem with the mirror is we need substantial change to be able to see it.

MyFiziq adds science to this art to create a holistic approach to measuring, tracking, and most importantly, seeing changes to your body shape over time.

This next generation concept required a next generation cloud partner and out of the box thinking to realise the vision.

Itoc was engaged by MyFiziq to partner with its highly qualified team and support their objective of developing an event-driven microservice architecture to replace their traditional EC2 auto-scaling solution, which was prohibitively expensive to maintain and unable to deliver the agility and scalability required for MyFiziq’s growing user base and partner program.

To ensure MyFiziq’s smooth transition to managed services, Itoc conducted an in-depth review of MyFiziq’s AWS accounts and helped them cost-optimise their fleet resulting in a reduction of over 50% in on-going monthly AWS operational costs.

After fully understanding MyFiziq’s objective Itoc then completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to evaluate an AWS Lambda based Serverless architecture against an AWS Elastic Container Service based approach, from which AWS Lambda was confirmed as the most cost effective, responsive, and scalable platform for MyFiziq’s requirements. Selecting AWS Lambda as the preferred option also provided additional benefits due to its tight integration with other AWS services providing an opportunity to create a completely serverless and event driven architecture.

With Itoc's in-depth experience deploying serverless architectures for multiple customers over the last few years, Itoc was able to draw on internal knowledge and experience and partner with MyFiziq’s technical team in the delivery of a completely serverless, scalable and secure solution aligned with AWS best practices.

“We see Itoc not only as a digital partner but also as an integral part of our own team. They have been crucial to the successful delivery and ongoing maintenance of our Serverless cloud solution. Their subject matter expertise, ability to deliver and enthusiasm for the task-at-hand has made our relationship with them one we are keen to develop as we continue to grow our business and enhance our digital solutions.”

Terence Stupple, CTO - MyFiziq

In order to confidently iterate on the development of the new platform, Itoc provided an IntelligentOps managed service by deploying its Control Plane (CP) which included the Atlassian suite of services facilitating Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD), configuration management and providing a central location for documentation and issue tracking. With the addition of 24/7 monitoring, alerting and incident management, MyFiziq are now able to focus on their business logic and code while Itoc looked after supporting CI/CD tooling, deployment and management of AWS infrastructure.

The resulting platform leverages the latest AWS features to ensure a contemporary serverless and event driven architecture utilising AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS X-Ray, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS DynamoDB, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Cognito, AWS Internet of Things (IoT), Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Amazon Athena, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

As a trusted partner, Itoc continue to provide guidance, support and managed DevSecOps services enabling MyFiziq to focus on their core business.

More more information about Itoc’s IntelligentOps Managed Services click here

For more information about MyFiziq please visit their website https://www.myfiziq.com or download the app on itunes.

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