How to AWS - Introduction


Welcome to our "How to AWS" series of blog posts! Are you considering adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the technology platform for your business? Or perhaps you’ve already started on your journey and are looking to review, confirm or challenge your current implementation.

This blog series was born out of a desire to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over the years in assisting our customers to get started and operate on AWS. During this time, I’ve seen a continual theme of AWS environments not having the basics configured and businesses dealing with completely avoidable problems requiring expensive and timely rework.

Whether it is a desire to move faster, innovate, leverage public cloud cost models, or modernise your tech stack, it is very tempting to jump straight in and try to realise those benefits immediately. The downside of the unconsidered approach is that it will catch up with you eventually. One, two or perhaps twelve months down the track, you’ll re-evaluate and wish you’d started from a well considered standpoint.

As with many things, truly leveraging and realising the benefits of AWS takes time. This is not just a 10-day adventure and then you’ll be done. What I’m going to spell out over this series is a way to live and operate effectively in the cloud.

Business processes may need to be challenged. Keep the good, improve on existing processes or replace the bad. Iterate.

Throughout this series there will be a lot of information. Some things may not apply to your business, but will be absolutely core to the success of someone else’s AWS journey. Select the parts you need, but consider it all. It all adds up for your success.

If you want advice specific to your business and situation, reach out – Itoc is here to help! 

Each blog in this series tackles a certain domain or area of interest, each building upon the last, taking you from setup on day 1 through to a live production system deployed on AWS.

Through this blog series, if you ask or consider even one question which in turn avoids a problem or prompts a rethink, then it’ll be a success for me. Please feel free to reach out and let me know if this series has helped you!

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