Why ISVs are leaving money on the table on the journey to SaaS


In this blog I’d like to provide some insight into the evolution of software delivery models that we’re seeing in our customers across Australia and New Zealand and why ISVs are leaving money on the table as they build out SaaS offerings.

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How to AWS - Introduction

Welcome to our "How to AWS" series of blog posts! Are you considering adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the technology platform for your business? Or perhaps you’ve already started on your journey and are looking to review, confirm or challenge your current implementation.

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What's the single most important decision when migrating to the Cloud?


Allow me to set the scene before the big reveal...

Moving your business to the Cloud is one of the most rewarding yet potentially risky transitions your business will make in a decade.  

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Itoc Teams Up With Judo Capital to Create the Future of Open Banking


Launch of Australia’s first true challenger bank, purpose-built to provide Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses service they deserve.

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It’s time to ditch that old load balancer!

It’s not terribly often that Amazon Web Services (AWS) recommends that you replace one of its services, and this time we are talking about your trusty Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). These ELBs (now named “Classic” Load Balancers) have been the mainstay of highly available architectures on AWS...

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AWS Managed Services - A Simpler Approach

Why Managed Services ?

Whether you are in the big or small end of town why would you need a managed service ?

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Evolution to Intelligent Operations – Part 2

Expanding on last month's post, this month we will look at how we perform and practice Intelligent Operations in the real world at Itoc. To understand how it all ties together and why, we need to first understand the fundamental needs and justifications of an intelligent platform. The journey so...

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What's Function as a Service and why does it matter?

What is Function as a Service and why is it set to completely change how apps are built and run?

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Evolution to Intelligent Operations - Part 1

Having been intimately involved with running Managed Services teams & platforms over the years I don’t think any of us are really huge fans of the “get out of bed” calls at 3am.

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Is Oracle or SQL Server database licensing costing your business?

Does your application use one of the well known, traditional database vendors such as Oracle or Microsoft? Are you and your customers looking at another six figure renewal in the next 6-12 months?

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