It’s time to ditch that old load balancer!

It’s not terribly often that Amazon Web Services (AWS) recommends that you replace one of its services, and this time we are talking about your trusty Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). These ELBs (now named “Classic” Load Balancers) have been the mainstay of highly available architectures on AWS...

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AWS Managed Services - A Simpler Approach

Why Managed Services ?

Whether you are in the big or small end of town why would you need a managed service ?

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Evolution to Intelligent Operations – Part 2

Expanding on last month's post, this month we will look at how we perform and practice Intelligent Operations in the real world at Itoc. To understand how it all ties together and why, we need to first understand the fundamental needs and justifications of an intelligent platform. The journey so...

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What's Function as a Service and why does it matter?

What is Function as a Service and why is it set to completely change how apps are built and run?

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Evolution to Intelligent Operations - Part 1

Having been intimately involved with running Managed Services teams & platforms over the years I don’t think any of us are really huge fans of the “get out of bed” calls at 3am.

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Is Oracle or SQL Server database licensing costing your business?

Does your application use one of the well known, traditional database vendors such as Oracle or Microsoft? Are you and your customers looking at another six figure renewal in the next 6-12 months?

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Case Study: Getting into shape, MyFiziq the app that tracks how your body looks


MyFiziq leverages Itoc to accelerate cloud native application development and next gen cloud managed services.

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Case Study: FinTech Billzy partners with Itoc and 4impact to deliver their "Cloud Native" AWS based solution

Billzy understands the financial pressures facing the building and construction industry. Being from the sector themselves the Billzy team have developed a closed community powered by the Billzy Engine, a digital “one stop shop” providing its members with access to all the financial tools they...

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Case Study: Unleashing the Potential of Australian Business

Judo Capital counted on Itoc to build and manage a new AWS based lending platform that will power the future of SME lending in Australia.

Built from the ground up by a small group of deeply experienced and highly credentialed financial sector professionals, Judo Capital is designed to deliver...

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Itoc among the first in Australia to achieve AWS Government Competency

AWS Competency Program recognises AWS partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success in specialised solution and vertical areas.

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