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Case Study: Unleashing the Potential of Australian Business

Judo capital counted on Itoc

Judo Capital counted on Itoc to build and manage a new AWS based lending platform that will power the future of SME lending in Australia.

Built from the ground up by a small group of deeply experienced and highly credentialed financial sector professionals, Judo Capital is designed to deliver quality, personal financial service to Australia’s small to medium sized (SME) businesses.

Judo believes every business is unique and should be treated that way and is challenging the one size fits all, centralized approach of their much larger competitors.  Partnering with a select group of Australia’s leading commercial brokers, Judo works with customers to develop a deep understanding of their business, building relationships based on honesty and trust. This personal approach enables bespoke and effective borrowing solutions to be individually tailored to maximise the potential of the business.

Judo CapitalThis real dynamic collaboration between lender, broker and customer has never been done before and has provided Judo the unique opportunity to start with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagine the technology required to support this new eco-system, challenging themselves to provide a full credit decision for every customer within just five business days.

Designed and built from the ground up in just 6 months, the Judo team and their technology partners have created a new breed of platform, a true ecosystem in the cloud that supports real time effective distribution of information, transparent communication and decision making.  The result of which empowers Judo bankers and brokers to deliver an unrivalled service and provide customers with the opportunity to gain insight and transparency into the renowned ‘dark art’ that is todays customer experience of SME lending.

To build out a cloud lending platform capable of powering this new frontier of SME lending Judo sought out Itoc to architect, design and implement on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, going from idea to operation in less than three months.  In addition, Itoc provides ongoing management for the service, through their next generation Managed Services ensuring that Judo is always one step ahead.

“At Judo, we believe technology should be invisible, so we can focus on truly valuable relationships with our customers, unleashing them to grow great Australian businesses.

Working with cloud based services and capabilities, provided by Itoc, has enabled us to remain focused on our true mission, while achieving our vision of an IT-less future…”

Graham Dickens, CTO Judo Capital

ItocItoc is the perfect partner for Judo Capital, having deep expertise in deploying and managing AWS based cloud solutions for numerous financial services organisations. The Judo solution is fully cloud based leveraging a range of AWS services including EC2, S3, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda and WorkSpaces.

Furthermore, the current architecture has laid the foundation for next generation Cloud Native solutions that will underpin Judo’s next generation of disruptive products and services.

Being a specialist in the financial services arena, Itoc delivers solutions aligned to AWS security and financial services best practices.  Itoc has a wealth of experience across PCI-DSS and APRA guidelines.

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